Time to pivot? A hard reset

It’s been a week. A week of clueless thinking.

There are plenty of things on my plate, but it seems I am stuck in a limbo.

Made me realize it was time for a drastic pivot to re-organize myself, structure and business.

Factoring in cashflow and balance I wanted to try a new and different approach from scratch.

Adding that I plan to document it in a public journal to keep myself motivated and see if this new strategy works.

The goal is adding few side hustles that can support a daily pay for our household to either slow down the cash burn or at least become profitable.

  • Build 2 micro-SaaS businesses. One is already in pre-launch stage but requires some finetuning.
  • Add 2-3 hours a week of management consulting through UpWork, or other platforms.
  • Add a few digital products on GumRoad, with a trial-and-error phase until one of them sticks
  • Expand my wife’s e-commerce as we face a few new challenges
  • Go back to swing trading commodities or FX with a challenge account (starting bankroll TBD)

Target:  to earn about 5000 USD a week combining all sources of income or revenue.

As we make progress, I plan to add the financial stats into my journal.

Currently: 0$ revenue earned since the pivot.

First step:

Build a brand ambassador account on Instagram featuring our own cat.

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